Welcome to your Building Safety Case Portal.

The FRMS Matrix has been designed by Frankham Risk Management Services to support housing associations and other property management organisations to understand, navigate and co-ordinate all of the documentation required in order to meet the requirements of the Building Safety Act.

From conception to delivery, our industry leading, multi-disciplinary team can also be deployed to help you undertake the full range of surveys, consultancy and inspections required in order to assemble your Golden Thread of essential information.

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Frankham RMS

Data Storage

The Building Safety Matrix is designed to be an easy-to-use library of all the data, documents and information you need to provide to the Building Regulator. Our intuitive system is accessible, simple and comprehensive helping you to store all of the information you need to keep your in-scope buildings safe.

Frankham RMS

Consultancy Support

As a multi-disciplinary construction consultancy, Frankham RMS and the wider Frankham Group can assist you by undertaking a wide range of the tasks you need to complete to put your Building Safety Case together. Our specialist consultants can assist with everything including Type 4 FRAs, Fire Strategies, Structural Surveys, 3D building scans and of course Resident Engagement

Frankham RMS

Project Completion

Once all of your supporting evidence is in place, we can even support you by formulating the final Building Safety Case Reports for the buildings in your portfolio. Whether your building is already in occupancy, or working through the RIBA stages of construction, the FRMS Matrix is the pioneering industry portal designed specifically to support our clients through the new legislative environment.

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